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Selected Authors

These are some new Christian authors I've come across. They are very talented writers. Their works should not go unnoticed.
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A West Bay Novel
by T. L. Nelson


Renee Nolan moves to the northwest. She soon finds out that there is still an investigation going on over the murder of her family. Her late husband was not who she thought he was, meaning that her life as she knew it was nothing but a lie. In the meantime, she befriends her boss, only for him to realize he is not over the death of his late wife, Leighanna. Follow Renee as she rebuilds her life through beating addiction, finding new love, a new family, as she and her boss, rebuild their relationship with Christ. In the end, there is still more for her to find out about the past that she had moved on from.

C. S. Wachter

In the fullness of time the Light Bringer will arise. The lost will be found and he will bring to light my seven words hidden on the seven worlds. I will guide his steps. Sing for joy my people, the broken will be restored; the lost will be found. When the broken is restored and the lost is reclaimed, he will bind the living darkness. Know my people, the fullness of time has arrived; the time is now.
Arise my Light Bringer.

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The Darkened Land

by Larry Paris

"Separated from the world of darkness by a bottomless chasm lie the stones of light. The King has built a bridge from that world to His kingdom across the chasm to give people access once again to the stones. He has established seven cities of light and seven towers as beacons to The Darkened Land."

Born in Dallas and raised in Cedar Hill, Texas, Larry began writing in high school. He is listed in Who's Who Among American High School Students 1974. He attended Dallas Baptist University where he made the Dean's List  and was Greek Honor Student. He graduated in 2010. His first book, The Darkened Land was published in January of 2018.

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