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"At the most important event in mankind’s history, two men hung beside Jesus of Nazareth.  Here is a powerful, fast-paced and compelling drama of what their story might have been." 

- Sister Judith Ann Glasse - Unveiled Christ to the World Radio Broadcast 

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Two Thieves is not preachy or pious but fun and entertaining with a message for everyone.
Jori and Elkanah watch as Jori's one-eyed, career criminal father, "Patch" gets crucified for the one crime he didn't commit. Now following his crooked path, no one could dissuade them from a life of crime; not Eliasaph the Rabi who befriended them, not Emoonah, Elkanah's longsuffering mother whose health was failing, not even Jamal, the Persian Magi she loved. As they embark on their last caper, they will either be rich as kings or dead on a Roman cross. Will either one of them find repentance before it's too late? 
About the Author: Two Thieves is the debut Christian fiction novel of Rev. Paul Joseph Luiso of Gideon Unlimited Ministries, an organization dedicated to helping the needy and the unborn. Rev. Luiso lives in San Jose, California with his wife, Rev. Sharon Luiso. This novel, as well as other upcoming books have a twofold purpose; they are not only road-maps to redemption in Christ, but are also intended to be fundraising tools for our ministry. We hope you enjoy this novel and tell your friends about it.

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Reader Reviews

"Grabs you on the first page and doesn't let you go. Riveting adventure that makes you feel like you're there -- like you need to shake the sand out of your sandals."  ~  Rhonda F. Kennesaw, GA

“This story will captivate you, make you laugh, cry or desperately want to slap somebody upside the head, all the while placing you in the center of Messiah's world where you will find answers of your own. I highly recommend this novel. ~ Karen T., San Jose, CA

“I couldn’t put it down!” ~ Nancy R., San Jose, CA


Throughout this book, the two main characters continue to trip over the grace of God while never really seeing it… until the ending. I laughed, I cried and was sad when I got to the last page because I didn’t want it to be over. ~ Johnny M., Modesto, CA


“This book will entertain you as well as touch you. It will bring a new perspective on why people do the things that they do.” ~ Sharon L., San Jose, CA

I was captured throughout the whole story and felt like I walked through that time. This book made me feel His Spirit. ~ Jonnell C. - San Jose, CA

“This book is a time machine. It takes you to the scene of each page, where you can feel yourself watching and feeling the surroundings! The words come to life and it’s amazing how you feel as your emotions go on this journey with you. This is definitely a movie in the making."  ~ Donna Lynn B. - Medera, CA

"Two Thieves is an amazing story that has something for everyone, and more. The story follows the lives of two cousins from childhood, showing the horrors they experienced that caused them to make the poor decisions that ultimately cost them everything. It is the story about the love of a mother, who lost her health and her dignity as she realized she could not sway her son’s path. It is a story of love between a Hebrew woman and a Persian Magi that lasted half a lifetime, despite the fact the two were separated by thousands of miles. And for those who dare to look, it holds the keys to overcoming the negative impact of many of life’s hardships, and how to find peace both now and for eternity." ~ A. Brosell C., Los Angeles, CA

"I am reading this book for the fourth time. You can never get tired of reading it. So captivating and full of suspense. The author takes you into the action and you feel as though you are right in it."

~ Pastor Jude-Samuel Ekpo, Senior Pastor, Sanctuary of Kings Bible Church, Nigeria

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Get Your Copy of Two Thieves Today!

Amazon | Barnes & Nobel | KOBO | Scribd 24Symbols

Are you or anyone else you know unsure about where you stand with God? Do you think that there are things you've done during your life that are so bad that you can never be forgiven? If that's the case, there's something you must understand. Once you, or the others you're concerned about, accept salvation in Christ, God doesn't hold any of that against you anymore. Once you read this book, you'll see what I mean

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